Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Number Seventeen: The Coot

Hairspray in June 2009- Summer- even though some of us are dressed for other seasons!

It’s gone! Well almost all of it- save a few stray spikes. I had dreaded losing my hair more than I had dreaded any other side effect. But, as with most things; when it eventually happened it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Predictably everyone is saying how good I look- Ha! Truth is I don’t even care if they’re lying- I’ll take the compliments anyway! Now that I look like a cancer patient I wonder if I’ll be treated any differently- haven’t noticed so far- not even when my three year old pulled off my hat in the middle of preschool to show his keyworker my ‘no hair’ hopefully I didn’t scare any other little children! Believe me; trying to pull a beanie hat on one handed whilst holding a baby is not easy!  

Not sure whether I did this purely just to torture myself but I decided to take another trip down memory lane. This time to count the number of different hairstyle I’ve had. So, here’s my hair journey!
1999! Cutting some shapes on the dancefloor! I'm SO cool! Only photo I could find of me having short hair in a previous life- sorry Jeneen! 

Jeneen's Hen Night- somewhere in London- 2005. Sisters all growing our hair long for the big wedding! Again... cutting some mean shapes on the dance floor!

My wedding day- Christmas 2005- hair up!

May 2007- the day I became an aunty! Shorter hair!
Growing it out again!

Still growing it! 2008

Longish and blondish... being Kirsty and Mike's bridesmaid with my gorgeous flower girl God Daughter. August 2008

Being a dead Rupunzel at halloween- home made wool wig- hope there's no more of these in my future!
Then went dark (and got drunk) for this photo! Christmas 2008 I think!
New year 2008 still dark but now with a bizarre blonde streak at the front! (In my beloved PJs with a shot!)

Longest it's been without me getting bored, wanting a change and cutting it! Feb 2009

Then shorter and blonder again... make up your mind woman!

Over excited on the train to London on my 30th!
Long again and heavily pregnant again- Summer 2010
Still long but now dark again- last Christmas
I look forward to it being like this again one day!
...and we laughed about how much it looked like a wig in this picture- ha ha if only we knew what was just around the corner!
We got 'The News' so here is stage one of hair removal- the bob!
Stage two of hair removal- the crop!
This is how much hair fell out last Wednesday- surprising how much you can lose without it noticing!
Thursday evening- hair falling out in clumps- new meaning to short back and sides!
Best photo I could take of the back of my own head- especially since I was still too scared to look in the mirror!
My egg head- once the clippers had finished the job!

...and a week later- a week spent pulling out stray spikey bits!

I’m so aware of hair at the moment- I can’t stop looking at people with long hair and calculating how long it might have taken to grow. When my hair does grow back I imagine I'll never want to cut it ever again- but who am I kidding? I think the changing of my hairstyles does go some way to supporting the fact I'm a little bit faddy! (I've decided I prefer the term 'implusive' to 'faddy' and am considering using this in the furture- carefully considering mind you- no snap decisions!)

Tomorrow morning I pick up my wig! Very excited about this! (I'll add a photo on here!) What a lot of crappiness to go through, but if my life is lengthened (with my hair being shortened!) then it's a small price to pay... in the words of L'Oreal... I'm worth it! And someday soonish I'll have long hair to swish about again!


  1. I've never had long hair, max was shoulder length in 1979! I normally wear my hair quite short but in my hair loss journey was amazed at how much there still was. I clippered mine really short before it went thin. Big up to you for being brave and baring all on your blog xx

  2. Still inspiring!! I have no other words.. Kate xxxx

  3. Oh Erin, this post made me cry ($!%£*!@$!! Tamoxifen/Zoladex!), I remember u posting on my blog 'are we losing our hair together?'
    Ur so brave honey, lotsa love Chez. xx

  4. Hi Erin. Gill Pearce (ex. OMS) here. I have just found your blog and wanted to send my best wishes to you and Rob. . I will be following your story and hope all goes well. By the way your two boys are beautiful.