The Hundred Word Challenge

This is where I intend to save my writing for The Head's Office!

A little break from the beast breast to take part in The Hundred Word Challenge...

This week the prompt asked us to include three words that have been lost from the dictionary- brabble, growlery and foozle...

I’d like to introduce to you three good friends... Like all friends they’ve beautiful qualities that made us want to be their friends in the first place but like us all they have their faults…

Benjamin Brabble is fiercely loyal but is inclined to bicker, he’s well known for his argumentative outbursts.

Growlery Garner is incredibly thoughtful but with deep thought come brooding moods.

Finally there’s Fiza Foozle; the giddy, enthusiastic clutz! He Bumbles and haphazardly fudges his way through life.

We love our friends in spite of their imperfections and we hope they love us back despite our own!

This week we had to include 'The sun shone but...'

It was one of those days that started with such promise; sunny skies, no deadlines looming and nothing in particular to do... the perfect recipe for a perfect day. No?
That was then this; this was now. That was before the shattering phone call had come. Then, she hummed cheerfully; now she was silent, jaw clenched, teeth grinding. Then, she had a spring in her step; now her body was heavy, weighed down by lead. Then, she had a song in her heart; now her heart was numb.
She stumbled out of the backdoor. The sun shone but she did not feel its warmth.

This week we had to include the 5 words that are in bold...

Brooding over the fight they’d just had, she stropped off into the woods. Just at this moment  she didn’t care if anything untoward happened to him… he only had himself to blame!
Soon came the point when the rage began to lift, the anger that had been driving her forward began to wane. Now what to do? Carry on deeper or return?
It hadn’t rained for a while but water had collected in a hollow. Insects skipped on the surface creating ripples.  
That’s when she noticed the chanting… although not a voice she recognised the lilt was strangely familiar. The evocative sound had her entranced…

This week's prompt is a picture...

Slumped, finger tips burning, feet bleeding, he’s exhausted from the strain of his most recent bid for freedom.
How long had he been trapped here? Long enough for the memories of what lie beyond these walls to have faded. Yet oddly, instead of slipping away, with the passing of each agonising moment, the images become more crystal clear. It is this clarity that spurs him on.
Blank eyes gaze, they no longer see the high encompassing walls, they see what awaits him on the other side. The reward… the reunion! It is then that an idea strikes… A plan forms!

It’s sweltering. Sweaty scalp. Feet on fire.
Flip the pillow, flap the duvet and flop the leg out…better.
Try to sleep!
Feeling thirsty, fumble for water, careful of the iPhone!
Anyone called? Messaged? Emailed? Tweeted?
Try to sleep!
‘Yoooowl!’ Was that the baby? Was that a fox? Silence. I choose to believe it was a fox.
Try to sleep!
Niggling feeling… something’s been forgotten. I forget what it is. I worry what it was. Mind races, heart beats, jaw tenses, teeth grind.
Try to sleep!
Goosebumps. Bit chilly; pull leg in, roll, snuggle down.
3am. Why does it always happen that I wake in the night?


  1. Just seen these- they are great- did you not post them onto the 100WCGU site?
    I especially liked the last one; how true is that!

  2. I loved ur use of the sun shone prompt. what was the phone call that upset her so?

  3. I love these. I love the way you used foozle, brabble and growlery to create true to life friends.

  4. Love how you used the words to create true friends and to describe their personalities

  5. Love the way you used the words as names. What an original way to do it x

  6. Only just found your comments box at the bottom. I've been reading and enjoying your writing each week and felt guilty that I couldn't comment. I really love the drawings that go with the latest piece, and I agreew with the others - it was a really interesting idea to turn the words into characters.

  7. Using the words as names was an inspiration. And I think I am Fiza Foozle.