Sunday, 4 March 2012

Number Forty Nine: The Opportunities

I’ve done a few fun things lately that wound not have come about had it not been for The Beast Breast…but also would not have come about without Breast Cancer Care!

I’ve written a quote for the Younger Women’s leaflet for Breast Cancer Care and had some of my blog posts posted in their new ‘Behind the Woman’ campaign.
I’ve been to London to take part in a photo shoot for the new leaflet- there I was with some other lovely lovely ladies having my photo taken in a busy and very funky restaurant! Some of the pictures are of me chatting with the other women and some are of me posing with an orange- acting like I’m preparing a healthy smoothy! (So so close to reality- I’m currently scoffing Drumstick lollies from one of Ben’s party bags whilst he sleep unaware upstairs!)
Following this photo shoot I received an email from the organiser- Clare asking if I would mind my photo and story being used for a newsletter that goes out to BCC supporters. My mum was confused as to what exactly I meant- I clarified by saying ‘You know, when you donate to Dog’s Trust you might receive a photo of a sad stray puppy in the post; now if you support BCC you just might be lucky enough to get a picture of me landing on your doormat!
A few weeks ago I did an interview over the phone with a journalist from Psychologies magazine- this was incredibly nerve wracking as I tend to babble and was in constant fear that I would say something ridiculous and it would end up in print!
On Friday a photographer and make up artist came to take a portrait picture of me for the Psychologies article. They were proper pros and came from London and everything! The lovely lovely make up artist had made up loads of famous faces- Robbie Coltraine, Vinnie Jones, but what was most lovely about her was how lovely she was with Ben. The photographer took photos of Rob Lowe last year! I found this incredibly impressive and couldn’t help thinking how thrilled she must have been to travel 2 hours to take my photo! She was also lovely with a potentially very bored 4 year old. She gave him the very important job of holding the light meter in the air- he looked very proud!

All of these opportunities stemmed from meeting the very lovely Emma at the BCC Younger Women’s forum. Today my husband has run his first ever half marathon and is raising money for Breast Cancer Care- he did so well despite his trademark lack of preparation!

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  1. What a few days! Fantastic. Can't wait to see the article!!