Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Number Thirty: The Mirror

Do you ever catch your reflection and think it’s someone else? I heard recently about a woman waving to her mother in a shop before realising it was a mirror! I constantly forget that I have no hair- I’m so used to it now that it takes me by surprise every now and again.
Yesterday I had two driving related bald-headed incidences.
  1. A van pulled out on me on a roundabout- realising his mistake he glanced at me and then instead of either speeding up and getting out of the way or stopping to let me go he slowed down to almost stopping right in the way and gawped at me… mid roundabout! I think the sight of my bald head rendered him unable to drive! Hilarious!
  2. I saw a bald lady driving and I had to resist the urged to beep at her and point at my own bald head! A bit like when drivers of the same make of car acknowledge each other! Why would I want to do this? Maybe I’m in need of a bald friend!
Anyway I digress… the mirror- every now and then I catch glimpse of my own reflection and see…
The Leech boy from X-Men… this is the one I am reminded of most often! A real similarity- I think it’s the eyebrows!
A manikin- thank you to my sisters for pointing this one out! It was noted how easily I could have fitted in to the camping display in a shop last week! (Minus a boob maybe!)
Alien Nation- a memory I didn’t even realise I had! In fact I couldn’t remember what the TV show was called- I had to describe it to my husband. ‘You know, it was on TV when we were young…orange bald head… pink splodges!’ ‘Alien Nation?’ he replied… ‘You do not look like that!’ How kind of him but it’s definitely one of the things I’ve seen in the mirror lately!
The Observer from Fringe- I see him in the mirror ALL the time- think I’ll be seeing more of him as I lose my eye brows and lashes with the change of chemo next week!
Natalie Portman- yeah right! I wish! Ha- maybe when my hair starts to grow back? I can hope can’t I?


  1. LOL Erin, I got cut up on a roundabout and the naughty person thought I was a bloke and gestured in almost female inappropriate way! I rather wished I could have stopped and said to him
    'Cancer was trying to kill me, are you trying to as well?' At least I don't look like my mum at the moment!

  2. Ha Ali! I was really beginning to look like my mum- now my bald head looks lots more like my dad! What next???? Xx

  3. Erin, you always make me smile.

    Your story of wanting to beep at the lady with the bald head and point to your own reminded me of my ex husband (who was also bald but that's co-incidental).

    Having bought a new England football shirt for the last World cup he excitedly pointed to someone else who was wearing one and then to his own shirt. The only thing that stopped me feeling too embarrassed by his childlike enthusiasm was the certain knowledge that the man he was pointing to thought that I was his carer.

    Your unfailing positivity (which may or may not be a real word:) has become a real inspiration to me.

  4. What?! No Mr. Clean? I love your attitude! x

  5. I love your blog and hope you don't mind that I have added a link to it from my website
    I was diagnosed at age 38 with a 7 year old and a two year old. I am now aged 66 ( a young 66) with a second daughters wedding coming up and lots of things still to look forward to.
    I think your blog will help many people get through the bad times. It certainly makes me feel humble. Wendy x

  6. Ha! Fancy... I've just Googled Mr Clean- if only he was a UK brand I'd have been seeing him in the mirror all the time!

    Wendy, thank you, how lovely! I've had a look at you website- beautiful things- sure I'll be back! Xx