Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Number Twenty Seven: The AWARD

Yesterday I wrote about the kindness of strangers- it’s a powerful thing! I smiled lots yesterday as I received messages about strangers being kind- one of my friends has even been inspired to be a volunteer at the hospital in a bid to spread kindness to strangers- isn’t she lovely!

Then I got a message…

Sarah Mac said...
Erin, you always make me smile even when I feel I should cry, how do you do that? this is for you http://peopledonteatenoughfudge.blogspot.com/2011/06/lordy-lordy.html I hope it makes you smile.

Yep, Sarah Mac, blogger of ‘People don’t eat enough fudge’ had won an award…well done her! As a result of this she was charged with nominating her top three blogs with under 100 followers…because they’re new to it not because they are crap at it! (I’ll tell myself anything to keep my spirits up!)
Sarah describes herself as ‘Scatty with a pinch of madness.’ Which could go a long way to explain why she picked me…I’m not complaining though!

Being picked certainly did make me smile…we’ve already covered what a sucker for praise I am! The Best One! So I’ll now say a very gracious ‘Thank you’ to Sarah and will get on with nominating three blogs that have been a comfort to me over the last few months…

The title struck a chord with me immediately… I don’t find being a mother easy peasy but I do find loving my boys comes naturally. I believe that ‘mothering’ comes more naturally to some than others and I think the guilt factor could be hugely diminished if we all felt we could be more honest about the difficulties- a heads up during pregnancy would be nice- especially to working mothers who have been successful so far and are heading for a shock!
I’m impressed by this particular blog because it’s written by Pooky- an impressive lady as she manages to maintain two blogs (she has a educational based one too) as well as being a teacher AND a mother of two!  

I’m fast becoming a fan of ‘let children be children’ and I think a huge part of childhood is about the outdoors. Juliet should not only be commended for promoting outdoor learning- she should also be recognised for the fact that she is doing this ‘Up North’ (where it’s rainy and cold) believe me four years in the Lake District qualifies me to have an opinion! Grey a lot of the time but stunning when the clouds break. I also love this blogs because it’s inspiring me to get back to work and make beautiful creations with children for our already beautiful outdoor areas.

Again it was the title the chimed with mw initially (oh how I could relate to not being able to hear the caller!) but I continued to be gripped by Penny’s hilarious tales of her work life balance with a 3YO and 1YO- you can see how I can relate! Penny makes me feel proud to be a working mum and comforts me by putting things into perspective… I’m not the only woman who struggles to have a conversation on the phone. Or a conversation with another adult at all in fact!

Reading Sarah Mac’s blog has opened a whole new load of blogs I love the look of… it would seem I’m going to have even more to juggle with when I eventually do return to work… the blog/life balance has already replaced the work/life balance!


  1. Erin - thank you so much. I am so happy that I can give you a good belly laugh every now and then. Even though you're across the other side of the world, I think of you often and love your blog and twitter updates. At a time when you could easily wallow in self -pity (which you're totally entitled to do by the way! Go for it - chocolate and wine are my wallowing ingredients of choice!), I love how you find humour in a hospital, hope in your heart and strength in your soul. It's an honour to read YOUR blog. Pen xoxoxoxo

  2. Thank you for carrying on that sharing! I'm going to get a cuppa & sit & have a trawl. BTW it will always be blog /work/life balance! Once you've got one of these life never has enough hours in it!

    BTW - many thanks for your great comment on my blog - The Head's Office. I have left a reply. I've got another blog here which is currently undergoing a face lift so not much in it! http://bit.ly/boMbLs

  3. Psst. Oi. Hey! Erin! Over ere! Little birdie tells me you arent feeling the sunshine inside quite like you did. So instead of bag of hugs am cybering you a jar of sunbeams instead - they do not turn in to coffee however no matter that adverts would have you think they do. I know this because I tried. And was disappointed. I love coffee you see. Utterly irrelevant comment but serves as a warning that the sunbeams once opened will shine for approximately 40 mins and then fade. Coffee will not then ensue. You need a different jar for that with dark granules in it.
    Am sending you a weeksworth.
    Keep your chin up, your tit out and proud and may the Bluebird of Happiness crap on your garden and make the flowers grow.
    Big hugs girl.
    Barney Rubble. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Bless you Erin! You made me smile heaps!

    Thanks for your kind words and I'm straight off to read the other blogs.

    I would struggle to award other people though as I actually don't really read other blogs. I simply dint have time. With very few notable exceptions. You've come onto my radar and I'll be reading avidly and Northern Mummy with Southern Children gives me a daily laugh.

    I know I should be reading and commenting to drive traffic and comments but in all honesty I just do it for the sheer joy of writing!

    (plus, just between us... Don't you find that rather a lot of blogs are really terribly dull?...)

    Thank you again! Xx

  5. Hi Erin wasn't,t sure how to contact you so will have to message you here. You have been very quiet lately and I was concerned about you. I know you had treatment last week and I believe it makes you feel crap so I,m guessing that's what's wrong. Hope you're ok, take care. Clarexx

  6. Hi Erin

    Thanks so much for your blog award and flagging up my blog and others too. I hope you are okay at the moment. I like that you are reading and communicating and living life to the best in the circumstances. I'm amazed at the number of blogs you have found.

    Couple of thoughts:

    1) Strangers are simply friends you have never met.

    2) Blogging and recognition is a funny thing. The first 18 months I blogged, hardly anyone noticed and then suddenly Teacher Tom discovered my blog and zap... many more people started to have a wee look. I'm a bit selfish in that my blog is my online filing cabinet that is simply left open for others to find things in too. If I blog about an activity then I'm more likely to remember it!

    Good luck, happy blogging and take care