Saturday, 14 May 2011

Number Eighteen: The Wiggy One

Well, here it is... the wig!
Wiggy on her wig stand
Wiggy Side
Wiggy Back

And wiggy on my head!

Makes me look an awful lot LESS like a cancer patient but really isn't very comfortable. I'll be using it for very special occasions only! Plus I can't shake the feeling of fakeness! I sometimes think my need for honesty can be a bit of a curse!

So, I'm still favoring the hats and scarves. Really wishing this had fallen during the winter as I'd look a lot less strange it a woolly hat in December rather than May! Can't seem to get my head temperature right either- especially at night. Wear a hat=wake up with hot head / no hat=wake up with ice head! I have sort of solved this problem by semi-covering my head with a pillow!

Wig over and out. Xx


  1. It's a lovely wig! Wow! It's really really nice! Love Chez. xx

  2. It looks good! I can imagine the conflicted feelings about it though. Your story is so touching Erin, I am certainly looking forward to seeing you on the other side of this!

  3. Thanks, I just wish it was more comfortable! Making peace with my bald head now- feel too fake with the wig on! Just hope I don't frighten anyone!