Monday, 25 April 2011

Number Twelve: The Lucky One

To finish this week feeling like ‘the lucky one’ is really something indeed! I started the week a miserable, scared, ratty beast; continued the week a nauseous, fatigued lump and ended the week on a high surrounded by my friends and family. What a week!

Yesterday was my (rapidly growing) baby boy’s baptism. Despite starting chemotherapy we’d decided it was a good idea to go ahead with his celebration (we just made sure we delegated every aspect so we had nothing more than ourselves to worry about.) Cue HUGE thank yous to Jane, Ruth and the catering team! I’d also like to apologise to anyone who didn’t but should have got an invite- hasty text messages and word of mouth replaced formal invitations- surprising what you can get away with ‘in our situation’!

I am the lucky one because a ridiculous amount of people turned out to celebrate with us- as we arrived outside the church I assumed it was the glorious sunny day that had made the local pub so busy- it wasn’t- it was our amazing turnout of friends and family! This throng may have made the readers, caters and even the priest a little uneasy but how lucky we felt to be so well supported! (And with all that kissing and greeting at least I won’t know which one of you to blame any infections on!)

Inside and on to the main event; we are also lucky to have a priest who really does know how to put on a good show- he had his (not altogether particularly religious) audience oohing, ahhing and laughing out loud! He invited the little ones up to the front which they took full advantage of (spying a snail on the side of the font and causing much hilarity!)

The Snail Moment!

My baby boy was loving the attention of being up at the front and didn’t even cry at ‘the water bit’ (technical religious term I think you’ll find!) And then there were the godparents; Leanne and Emma- just goes without saying- from the very moment you were asked, you have taken your responsibilities very seriously- ridiculous excitement at the prospect of being on ‘Team Haz’! But Ian (Yep- here’s the special mention you’ve been waiting for!) I don’t think I’ve seen a man dote so much over my beautiful baby boy- you truly are his biggest fan and the perfect godfather! (Slight pressure on delivering a son this time Leanne!) So thanks to the Godparents Grove and to my Skidderz ‘Team Haz’ are a solid one indeed!

The next thank you goes to one of the very nicest ladies I know- my lovely head teacher- she gave us the run of the school hall, field and playground for the perfect place to continue our celebrations. (Especially perfect for games of Frisbee, Easter egg hunting and lounging around in the sun!) So when people were not busy complimenting me about what a lovely place to work this is, they were talking about what a wonderful service it was and what delicious food had been prepared. (Some of the cupcakes look suspiciously professionally baked but who am I to question?) I truly think my eldest had his best day on earth so far yesterday- He started the afternoon looking like one half of the smartest pair of brothers ever known- too cute in their matching suits but he ended it looking like the grubbiest chocolate covered urchin- never has a child eaten so much cake and had so much fun playing. (Shame he didn’t sleep in this morning!)

I do though feel I have to set the record straight- my husband said a few words thanking everyone for coming and for their support over the recent ‘difficult time’ but then veered off to talking about me- how well I’m coping blah, blah… The truth is I’m not really the one charged with coping with day to day life at the moment- he is. I only maintain my own basic hygiene and get myself (Sometimes rather stormily) from A to B, whilst he does the rest (which is a lot with two little ones believe me!) He even managed to bath and dress them both in the last twenty minutes before the service in order to ensure they remained smart enough for the all important photos! It reminds me of that saying ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’, it works both ways. So my final thank you goes to Rob. I am expecting us to successfully kick this thing but it’ll definitely take two of us! (Rob armed with his calm and confidence; me armed with my bronzer!)

So perhaps God was smiling down on us yesterday (who am I to put it solely down to luck?) but the sunshine and the snail did really set the day off- thanks for being there!


  1. Lovely post Erin, sounds like a perfect day! Love Chez. xx

  2. My comment didnt appear ?? Anyway, it was only to say that this had me in tears and I am glad Harrisons day went well xx