Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Number Eleven: The Race for Life (The one where I ask you for money!)

What choice did they have? As far as fundraising is concerned, I was diagnosed at the perfect time of year! With ‘The Race For Life’ AND ‘The Midnight Moo’ coming up, my friends couldn’t exactly refuse! One of the cancer perks is…people will do pretty much what you tell them! I have also instructed my friends to dress up in all my fancy dress costumes, they are yet to agree to that part of the deal yet but we’ll see!

My favourite quote is from Michelle’s Just Giving page…

‘I'm not a runner but my struggle to be able to run 10K is nothing compared to the struggle cancer sufferers have on a daily basis.’
I read this and straight away joked that by 7K she’d be begging for chemo instead! (You see- joking about chemo- clearly haven’t started it yet and in blissful ignorance!)

Feel free to add to their fundraising totals…

So, chemo starts today- we’ll see by this time tomorrow if I still think it’s a laughing matter!!

Now what do you reckon they’d say to this? Maybe next year?


  1. Don't be too ambitious - next year you will be well and running with them!! And I will be too!

  2. Good luck to all ur friends who are running! That's my line too - maybe next year....! Great post Erin, ur sense of humour shines thru your words. Love Chez. xx