Monday, 18 April 2011

Number Ten: The Difference a Year Makes

I just cannot believe how much can change in a year! Things keep happening to make me take a sharp intake of breath and say. ‘Oh, my God, this time last year…’.

This time last year…my big boy was still in nappies and in a cot!
This time last year…I had long(ish) blonde(ish) hair
This time last year…I was getting ready to go on maternity leave!
This time last year…my best friend was just across the road (that’s as far as she’d been away from me since we were 5 years old) now she’s in Thailand!
This time last year… I did not know the beast breast had other ideas for my 2011 plans and this time last year I had 2 boobs!

This time last year…I had a baby bump as big as this…
This time last year…I had still not met my new baby!

It’s hard to look at a list like this and think that, apart from having the most wonderful birth and the most wonderful baby not much else has changed for the better! I do truly believe that having my second born does more than cancel out the bad news and I am thankful we had him when we did- any more of a gap and the beast breast might have taken hold and scuppered my plans for baby number two!

There are less dramatic changes that have taken place for the better. I’d never have thought a year ago that I’d like being at home rather than at work! Friends I’ve made more recently are just amazing and thank God; the terrible twos are behind us (my fingers are firmly crossed as I say this!).

Not to mention my Pandora… this time last year it was pretty empty!

So let’s look to the future (again, my fingers are firmly crossed!)

By next year I hope I’ll have …
taken up skiing again
booked a holiday (somewhere hot with a pool)
Cycled around Cornwall (in the sunshine please)
Seen Billy Elliot the musical
Done my sewing course
And my float glass course
Made a good start on growing my Rapunzel hair!

But… most of all I hope that I handle the terrible twos a little better second time around. (Go easy on me Harris!)

Lots of people have said to me ‘You never know what’s round the corner’… Corners? I think I might just keep going straight on from now on! (Who am I kidding? I’m WAY too nosey not to at least peek around every corner- shame there’s no turning back!)
 So the difference a year makes- guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the next 12 months… hope I can tick at least a few off my list!

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