Thursday, 1 September 2011

Number Thirty Nine: The Holiday Highlights.

I posted before the summer about what I hoped to achieve over the six week break… The Summer
Now it’s nearly over I’m looking back to see if I can tick everything off my list!

Brightest highlight- seeing The Wilsons- having been gone for a year it took less than five minutes to feel like they’d never been away but it seemed like a whirlwind visit and of course they’ve gone again now. I thought I wouldn’t cry but I did! And I blame Mr Wilson for this- catching me off guard with his uncharacteristic kind words… honestly I thought nothing could break that man’s shell of sarcasm but inside he’s a softie- right?
Biggest let down-Cars2- ugh! What an awful film! I just felt so cheated- We loved Cars SO much and was not prepared for this poor sequel.
Best day out- Bowood House and gardens- photos below say it all! I had been there on a school trip when I was nine- had amazing memories and now I have even more!

Most important improvement- My boys are more settled, happy boys and are changing every day!
Most time consuming change-The house- it’s been painted, organised and cleaned. But it would seem that once Rob starts painting it’s difficult to get him to stop. We even have clean sofas now! (They look so good that Sarah thought they were new ones this morning!)

So here are the select highlights of our summer- gotta love photos- it looks like our summer has been perfect (clearly we didn’t capture the rows, sickness, moods, rain and tantrums on camera- odd that!)

If you Don’t like looking at other people’s photos (Rob) then turn away now!

Day one of the summer was all about bike riding, week one was all about learning to ride a two wheeler- the rest is history!

First treat for us grown ups was going to see Harry Potter- I just loved it! I was so worried that the cinema would be full and we’d have to sit at the front that I told the waiter in LaTasca that we needed to order and eat really fast- we were out of there in 17 mins! Can anyone beat that for mealtime speed?

The beginning of the holidays saw the facial hair finally go and I have to say that I really wasn’t prepared to feel quite so sad about this. I’d dealt so well with the head hair loss that I didn’t give the lashes much thought- this was a mistake. Having no facial hair made me look ten million times more like an ill person! (Facial bloating hasn’t helped either.)

We made the super find that was ‘Start the Art’ at MK Gallery early on in the holidays. It was super messy fun for the under fives and my boys loved it! They organised fab indoor and outdoor activities- just sad today will be our last one until half term now!

The majority of the (non rainy bits of the) holidays were spent in various parks. The monkey boy Ben continues to love climbing- and Harry is following closely behind- the mountain goat boy!

When we weren’t at a park we could be found eating out (this could explain some of the weight gain!)

And just a few ice creams…


We had a couple of trips to see Nana and Grandpa chickens…always very relaxing and loads of fun for the boys- Rob’s parents have kept every single toy their four children have ever owned- brilliant for retro toys!

A bit of dressing up!

And a lot of playing in boxes…

…and what should have been a relaxing summer and actually been ridiculously busy and left us all feeling a bit like this…


  1. Lovely summer xx
    Just to warn you that when the facial hair grows back it doesn't seem to know when to stop. I ended up rather fluffy all over my face and had to deploy extreme hair REMOVING activities. The IRONY of it all!

  2. Sounds like a fun summer (apart from the hospital visits and hair loss of course). I love looking at photos, the kids are adorable!

  3. Certainly looks like you had a fab summer & your boys are gorgeous Erin & look so happy! Good luck with going back to work too, seems like a lifetime ago when we first 'met' on the BCC forum, you have done brilliantly well & coped with all of this with dignity & grace - unlike myself what with my agorophobia, manic depression, ranting & swearing!! Lotsa Love to ya missus, you're amazing. xx

  4. Looks like a brill summer time with the boys (who are just SO GORGEOUS!) lots of love to you and the fam! xxxxx

  5. Again you are the teacher. Facial hair I thought? Did she has a moustache? Of course I'd forgotten the other bits! You could have a great deal of fun changing the look each day! ;)

    Lovely pictures of a super family summer. Brill!

  6. aww! Looks like you had a brilliant summer! and what a great looking family! Aren't pictures fantastic, its great to go through summer pictures in the winter, and bring back all those great memories.

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments.
    Ha! Chez, don't be fooled- you only see the bits I pick out for you to see- I too am a wreck a lot of the time! I worry that when my appointments tail off there'll be space in my life for totally falling apart! Watch this space! Xx